Our Story


Timperley Community Amateur Boxing Club was established 2011.  The club offers sessions for children aged 8-18, these are divided in to beginners who are just learning to box, juniors who are getting ready to  competitively box and then seniors who are carded boxers.  In addition we offer sessions for  adults and women only.  The gym has also been used by Broomwood School  for PE lessons and for sessions for children who are not in training or  education.  


Since  its foundation in 2011, Timperley Community Boxing Club has always  sought to become a hub in the community. It is run by volunteers.  The  members come from the Broomwood Estate, the wider area of Timperley,  Altrincham and some come  from the neighbouring area of Wythenshawe.  

The  clubs ethos has been about improving lives in the community both  physically and mentally. Also a focal point to offer positive  diversionary activities in the area by engaging young people and away  from ASB and improving mental and physical  wellbeing.  We have been nominated for Trafford Sports Club of the Year  in 2015, one of our young members won a Physical Activity award in  2015.


The  club has developed good relationships with 3 local primary schools,  Broomwood, Navigation and Broadheath Primary, and have had a breakfast  club at Wellington Road School.


The  club has been a great success and we have now outgrown our current  facility within the Broomwood Community Centre. We are in the process of  developing a new build for the community.


Currently we provide a range of services that promote health, wellbeing and fitness for all. We have plans to enhance the services we provide. 

In November 2017 Timperley Amateur Boxing club became a charity. Registered charity number: 1175662