Welcome to the Manchester Ex-Boxers Association (MEBA) website.

MEBA is a friendly Society, that promotes goodwill within the ‘Boxing Fraternity’, paying notice to the care and welfare, regardless of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, or Sexuality of all Boxers, Officials, and supporters, Amateur & Professional.


MEBA’s prime aim for the past 70+ years, has been to provide a social meeting once a month, and other events periodically, so that former, and present, exponents of the “Noble Art”, can meet socially and stay connected.


Separately, MEBA has a Benevolent Fund, which at the discretion of the Committee, primarily provides help to MEBA members that may be experiencing physical, mental, or financial difficulties.

Ex-Boxers Associations exist, primarily, to enable ex-boxers to get together and reminisce about their careers. But there’s much more to it than that.

It’s not necessary to have boxed to belong to an Ex-Boxers Association. Anyone who loves the game is welcome. The atmosphere at an EBA meeting really is something special. As is the joy when two former opponents meet – sometimes decades after their bout. Outsiders find it hard to understand how two people can share a ring, do their utmost to knock each other out, and become the best of friends afterwards. But it happens, time and again.

And EBAs are not just about reliving the past. Most of them support today’s boxers, pro and amateur – and several have instigated trophies, awarded annually to the best boxers in their area. And boxing people are renowned for their generosity. If an ex-boxer has fallen on hard times, his local EBA will do everything they can to help. And many raise money for local charities, or local people in need.

EBAs also support one another. In addition to their monthly meetings, several hold social events – meals and the like – and these are enhanced when parties from other Associations make the effort to attend.

Every Association needs two things – a hard-working committee, to take care of the organisation side, and a solid membership, to attend meetings, buy raffle tickets, and generally give support. Anyone who loves boxing – whether they’ve taken part or not – is encouraged to join their local EBA, or at any rate come to a meeting and see what goes on. You’ll be made most welcome.


For details of the monthly meetings, please click on the monthly meeting link.