St John’s is primarily a boxing club focused on providing top quality training to kids looking to build amateur or professional boxing careers. If that’s your dream, then there is no better team in town for you to join than the one here at St John’s.

It ain’t just for kids though. They have boxing classes every evening (except Friday) and on Saturday morning for adults too. The coaching is top class – professional and patient – and the workout will leave you totally spent.

What I love about St Johns is the environment. Everyone is friendly, there are no egos. It has a palpable community vibe to it where members are also close friends and talk of a “second home”.

The gym itself is proper old school. The walls are covered in retro posters and most of the punch bags are held together with duct tape. Love it. If you’re after superfood smoothies and selfies, look elsewhere.

St John’s is one of the best boxing gyms in Manchester. Go check it out.


courtesy Big Right Boxing