Tyson Luke Fury, nicknamed The Gypsy King, has risen from humble beginnings to become one of Manchester’s greatest boxers, captivating the world with his remarkable journey to becoming the number one heavyweight boxer on the planet.

Born prematurely on August 12, 1988, weighing just 1lb, Fury hails from an Irish traveller family and grew up in Wythenshawe.

Inheriting a legacy of fighters, he displayed an early aptitude for boxing and began formal training at the age of ten under the guidance of his father, John.

Fury’s boxing prowess quickly became evident, leading him to international amateur success.

By 2008, he had turned pro at 20.

With his unorthodox style and unique character, Fury gained attention as he secured multiple titles, including English, British, Commonwealth, and Irish championships.

A defining moment arrived in 2015 when Fury faced the long-reigning champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Against the odds, Fury dominated Klitschko, becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion. However, post-victory, Fury battled a severe depression that cast a shadow over his achievement.

In 2017, Fury’s life took a positive turn as he decided to confront his challenges head-on.

With unwavering support from his wife Paris, his family, and a renewed connection to his faith, he embarked on a comeback journey that inspired countless others struggling with mental health.

His vulnerability and advocacy for mental well-being made him a global champion beyond the ring.

Fury’s story of resilience continued as he returned to boxing, facing WBC World Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder.

The first fight ended in a controversial draw, marked by Fury’s legendary recovery from a knockdown, symbolising his triumph over adversity.

Their subsequent trilogy established Fury as a dominant force, dismantling Wilder and securing his place at the pinnacle of the sport.

Beyond boxing, Fury has embraced his role as a brand ambassador, businessman, and advocate for positive mental health. His transformative journey from darkness to triumph, along with his charismatic persona, has endeared him to fans worldwide. Back home in Morecambe, England, Fury enjoys life as a devoted husband and father of six.